Dropkiq Your Liquid Book

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Adam Darrah
Mar 19, 2020 1:50 PM
Dropkiq Your Liquid Book

Does your B2B software engineering team have an influx of routine tasks each time a new customer is being on-boarded? Are there non-code product changes that no one except your engineers are able to accomplish, even though you have other team members with bandwidth to help? Do you feel that your team is working hard, but you never have time to make real improvements on your product?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, "Dropkiq Your Liquid" is a book for you. Your team is working hard, but your company is not architected to maximize their productivity. We can help with that!

"Dropkiq Your Liquid" is a free book written for B2B Software Engineering leaders who are looking to implement a new strategy in their organization to allow their teams to work better together. Have your software engineers work on tools that enable others (inside and outside the organization) to be productive. This is a winning formula that companies as large as Shopify use to maximize their productivity. Imagine if your customers had the tools they needed to be successful without you. What would you have your team do with the extra time?

Dropkiq for Liquid is a book about the benefits of working with Liquid in your enterprise application. Liquid becomes a common language between your engineering team and your configuration teams and customers. There is little to no code in the book, but many ideas are presented that can be implemented for any industry with any programming language. We explore the benefits of creating a custom field, condition, rule, and email template system. Implementing these systems within your application can have a cascading benefit over time as you solve more and more problems with these tools.

Read our book "Dropkiq Your Liquid" online for free today at https://www.dropkiq.com/book.

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