Custom Liquid Filters

Register your Custom Liquid Filters with Dropkiq Pro

Adam Darrah
Apr 1, 2020 2:48 PM
Custom Liquid Filters

Yesterday, we officially announced that Dropkiq now supports suggestions for Liquid Filters. You can check that out here if you missed it. Today, we are upping our game once again. Now, we can also support any custom filters you may be using!

Liquid ships with approximately 45 official filters that are built in. However, you may find yourself needing functionality that is not packaged with Liquid by default. In fact, Shopify themselves (the creators of Liquid) have added many custom Liquid Filters to Shopify to extend Liquid to meet their needs. Liquid is flexible enough to allow you to define your own filters, which allows you to format your output to meet your customer's needs.

Registering your custom Liquid Filters with Dropkiq has two main advantages:

  1. Support client-side rendering so that your users can see the impact of the filter on their output in real time.
  2. Allows your custom filter to be autocompleted using the Dropkiq menu. This helps users understand how to use the filter.

See the "add_fire" and "fire" filters on CodePen below

Take a look at our Custom Filter Suggestions documentation to get a better idea of how you can take full advantage of this new feature. Or, see this new feature in action on CodePen now!

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