Liquid Filter Suggestions Are Now Available Within Dropkiq

Liquid filters used to be an advanced feature of Liquid but not anymore! Dropkiq now makes it easier than ever to add work Liquid filters and even add your own.

Adam Darrah
Mar 31, 2020 6:22 PM
Liquid Filter Suggestions Are Now Available Within Dropkiq

Many customers and prospects have asked for this, and it is finally here... Liquid Filter Suggestions have arrived! 👏

Liquid Filters are described by the Official Shopify Documentation as "...simple methods that modify the output of numbers, strings, variables and objects. They are placed within an output tag {{ }} and are denoted by a pipe character |". Liquid Filters are extremely helpful if you need to control the formatting of how your data outputs. Liquid ships with about 45 Filters out of the box, but it is also possible to add your own custom filters.

Liquid Filters may have been advanced functionality before... but not with Dropkiq Pro!

Once you type the Liquid Filter |, the Dropkiq menu appears with a list of every filter that is available to use. Hover over the (?) icon to see the official Liquid documentation for each filter. The preview will show how the output will appear with the given filter to eliminate any guesswork or testing. If the filter has an argument, Dropkiq will automatically give you an example so you know what to do.

Example Liquid Filter Suggestions with OUTPUT Preview

Check out the brand new Filter Suggestions demo today! Interested in learning more? Schedule your free 30-minute demo.

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