Schedule Your Free Dropkiq Demo Today! No Strings Attached.

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Adam Darrah
Mar 31, 2020 5:23 PM
Schedule Your Free Dropkiq Demo Today! No Strings Attached.

Are you not sure if Dropkiq can be used in your tech stack? Maybe you have some Liquid customizations that you're not sure will work? Or, maybe you're not sure if Dropkiq will work nicely with your in-house WYSIWYG editor?

Good news. We're here to help! I'm happy to chat whether you have questions about best practices or you simply want to learn more about our solution. Here's what to expect from a standard 30-minute session with Dropkiq Founder, Adam Darrah:


To begin our session, we'll start by getting to know each other a bit. We'll talk about your company, your role, how you're using Liquid, and any pain points you may be experiencing. What parts of your application are using Liquid? Who internally and/or externally writes Liquid at/for your company?

Demo / Q&A

Next, I'll do a personalized demo of the Dropkiq technology to show how it can be used in your application to help your users write Liquid. During this interactive demo, I'll encourage you to interrupt me and ask any question that you may have about the tech. We can also take a look at your application and come up with a plan to integrate Dropkiq in the easiest way possible. You can try our tech at any time from our Demo, but this session is meant to be more personalized for you and your company.

And Beyond

There is no pressure to purchase Dropkiq Pro. In fact, our basic version of Dropkiq is available for free. When we near the end of our call, you will receive a license key for a complimentary two week Dropkiq Pro trial (no credit card required) so you can install it within your application and get it in front of your customers for their feedback. We want you to look at Dropkiq as a worthy investment that will save you and your company money and frustration.

What are you waiting for?! Schedule your free 30 minute demo now!

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