No Schema or Context Required

Use Dropkiq with Dynamic Liquid Data

Adam Darrah
Mar 23, 2020 6:41 PM
No Schema or Context Required

Dropkiq is now more flexible and easy-to-use than ever before. Our Dropkiq Engine technology is now capable of working without a Schema or Context in situations when it is not ideal or possible to provide this data. This could be a situation when your application receives data that is available to Liquid on the fly from a 3rd party, or if that data is constantly changing. Or, if you simply want to try Dropkiq with as minimal effort as possible.

For the Dropkiq Engine, the schema object describes your application in a way that the Dropkiq Engine is able to analyze, understand, and make decisions from. It tells Dropkiq what data your application uses, and how that data is interconnected. The Context object tells Dropkiq what data your users have available at the time they are writing Liquid (since you would not typically have access to all data that your application is capable of storing all the time).

With our new "ForScope" feature, we are now able to make an educated guess at runtime about what your Schema and Context data objects are by simply analyzing an example data payload object. This is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Dropkiq ever! You simply provide an example data object and Dropkiq instantly springs into action providing suggestions and live previews.

Learn more by reading the technical documentation. You can see an example of this brand new feature in action with Dropkiq Engine or with Dropkiq UI.

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