Building Blocks

In this next section, I will be going over each of the four building blocks in detail.

  1. The Custom Field System
  2. The Condition System
  3. The Rule System
  4. The Email Template System

We’ll go over what each system is, the benefits, and how you can take advantage of this system in your application. Our goal is to take your team from being “busy” to being “productive”. We’ll do this by building the right tools for the long-term. If you feel like your team has a huge influx of work every time a new customer comes on board, then these systems are perfect for you!

To reiterate, I will not provide source code for these systems. However, I will explain the idea behind each building block and explain how you can use these to build your business. These are not difficult systems to build for a programming team. The idea behind each system is more important because it can be implemented in any programming language for any business.